Bharat Velvet & Audiology Department was set up during 1971 under the auspicious of Shri K.L. Institute for the Deaf, Bhavnagar. It is a Department under one of the leading NGO of the country which brings together activities like deafness prevention, early identification and intervention. The Institute is located in Bhavnagar, Gujarat a coastal city on the Gulf of Cambay. The center is committed to bring quality of life into the lives of people with communication disorders / hearing impaired persons.

Objectives of the Audiology Department:

  •       Hearing Assessment
  •       Early Identification & Intervention
  •       Service facilities
  •       Parent-Infant Training Program
  •       Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Programme
  •       Speech & Language training
  •       Parent Counseling           

Hearing Assessment:

Individual throughout their lives have their hearing assessed on the basis of self – referral, failure of an audiologic screening, follow-up audio logical assessment, risk indicators, referral from other professionals.


The purpose of audio logical assessment is to quantify qualify hearing in terms of degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss and the configuration of the hearing loss.

Test of Hearing & Listening:

Our center is fully equipped with latest state of art computerized equipment.

“No child is too young for a hearing test” :

Before leaving the hospital infants are screened for hearing loss. The type of test used to assess the child’s hearing status depends on the age and cognitive function of the child. The test is done by two ways viz., behaviorally and Electro Physiologically.

Behavioral Observation Assessment (BOA) :

This test is done by Audiologist specially to detect bodily reaction to sound, body movement, eye widening, eye opening, head turning, change is sucking rate etc.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) :

This is an electrophysiological test. This is an additional objective method to assess hearing.