1.    Above Knee Cross Leg Prosthesis –  Prabha Foot

Above Knee Prosthesis known as Prabha Foot is one of its unique prosthesis suitable for all class of people. It helps one to Sit Cross leg at ground level, ride a bicycle, use India Toilet. It is cost effective, light weight and maintenance free prosthesis. Minor repairing is possible at local level.

2.    Below Knee Prosthesis

It is a fast fabricated prosthesis, light in weight, cosmetic in appearance and suitable in the rural areas. The patient t gets acclimatized after short training of few days. It is self adjustable and maintenance free.

3.    Above Elbow Prosthesis

This is resin laminated prosthesis and works on the cable system. It aids in rotation of the wrist helping to ride  bicycle, hold a pen and write. The cable helps to bend the prosthesis from the elbow aiding to drink and have food at own. Few days practice helps to carry on the Activities of Daily Living normally.

4.    Below Elbow Prosthesis    

      This is simple prosthesis and fast fabricated. The only replace able part is the suspension belt. Few days training helps to carry on the activities of daily living normally.

5.    Poly Centric Knee Brace 

     This is a unique device for avoiding costly Knee Replacement Surgery. It works on simple theory of Weight transfer system which aids in creating space between the knee joints and helping the cartilage to redevelop. The device is light weight, simple to wear and have no side effect. Continuous use for few years refills the cartilage and after which one can discontinue its use.

6.  Calipers  

      Various types of Calipers are fabricated as per the need of the patient and advised by the Ortho Medical Practioners. These are fabricated from Poly Proplene Plastics as per patients requirement. The Knee Ankle Foot Prosthesis (KAFO ) are fabricated from Alu.strips and laminated with leather. Various types of foot wears can be used as per personal desire.